Hey, so I think that a few guys on here know I'm an artist. Does anyone have a request? I don't do detailed, though, just dramatic and light vs dark. Although, if I have time, I can do awesome things with color.

So, anyone?

Two more things:
1. My profile picture just shows some of it.
2. My art blog is linked to my website thing on my profile.  😉

What's your definition of "dramatic"? While not an artist myself (except with words and music), I do always enjoy art in general and love seeing other people's work.

I will get to posts in our RPs ASAP.

What Anghan is talking about is that his art has a high contrast between the light and dark values. I other words his artwork is more on the extreme difference between light and dark.(correct me if I am wrong)

Yeah, what Rodo said. So, anyone?

I suppose I can commission one for Jared Sandeye from you. Do you do this free of charge? Not really sure about a pose, though. Doesn't need to be anything heroic, but dramatic and profound will most definitely do.

Free of charge. I could do him at his forge?

??? Sound good?

Maybe have his sword hanging by his side on his belt (you can see it in my profile picture, just barely), too. Anything else you want to do is your choice.

If I ever want to become an artist, I would love to draw him in some warrior or contemplative poses, sometime, especially considering the ambitious and dark direction I plan to take The Prophecy when and if Oliver ever returns.

I'll get on that later! I'm still in a computer mess, though. It'll be a bit. 😞

Oh, that's never fun. Take your time! Put your heart and your soul into it, just like with writing! Like anything else, it's a passion. You take your time! There needs to be true love in your work!

Okay, since I recently finished Jared's piece and have no more computer problems, I'm taking requests again! Just putting that out there.

I'm saying this now: anyone who wants one of my pieces, please acknowledge me if you use them outside of this site.

Hey, Anghan! Could you try to do Coriander? I would like it if she was positioned with Lucia. You would know what I am talking about because you are familiar with my charas. Any setting is fine. 🙂

Description required. 😉

Coriander is a tall reddish-brown squirrel and Lucia is a small grayish hedgehog. Does that fit the bill?

Er . . . Hedgehogs are me weakness, Jeri.

Could you either just try or could you only do Coriander?

Well, no duh, I'll do just Coriander. 😉

K thanks! BTW how many posts do you have to get to be a warrior member??? I forget.

Uh . . . I don't know. It doesn't really matter here.

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