i know of undertale, play minecraft, supreme commander, and star wars old repulic online.

hey if anyone has a playstation 4 I would love a squad on battlefield 1

I play games!

robot_corp on Steam, and Wist#11696 on Overwatch, all PC-only.

I play FPS largely. Overwatch is my fave, but you can catch me on Left4Dead, GTA, and Vermintide often; Necropolis, PUBG (it's so intense!!), and Starbound less often.

If one of you is Taggerung on Overwatch, you better 'fess up. I need to know.

I uh, play mostly single player games X3
Only online games I play is Phantasy Star Online and Doom (original, but not many people do deathmatches these days). Urban Terror I generally play a few times a year at get togethers. That's about it X3

Did you ever play Unreal Tournament? I cut my teeth on that series.

Never have, unfortunately. I wouldn't mind playing it with people though 🙂

Pokemon was and still is my childhood and life. Enough said. 🙂

I've played quite a few games, but nothing like that.

No, but I have always wanted to.

My PC was just SO weak at the time xD

Depends really. Mostly my xbox at this point and PC sometimes.

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