Art work of your Characters! :)

Thought it would be nice to upload your character art work or artwork you have made of your character. I know we have a gallery but right now it is irritating me so I'm making a post where you can post your character pictures !  🙂

Here is TJ and her crew!
Heaven forbid. Your administrator is part of the Brotherhood. Who knew right? Don't get on my bad side.

And just all my characters sketched. I'm not that great but it was pretty fun!

And it looks great, T.J.

TJ, you've improved a ton since the last time I saw your drawings! Keep practicting.

Freakin' Tessa and Jessie, Oliver's favorite girls who bug him to no end and prank him every chance they get when they are all at the Abbey. xD;sa=view;pic=1

Old drawings I did of my characters

and my sig for all their mug shots 😛

I recently started drawing again after a 4 year hiatus of doing no art whatsoever. I'm back at it in full force! Expect to see new art from me later down the road. I'm relearning from the very beginning, so I'm taking it one step at a time. Hopefully to become much better than my former art.

Thanks! I"m really trying. Its hard. hahahaha I decred that I myself TJ is a Assassin Fox.

And Tessa and Jessie are still around, bored since they have no one to prank and actually do 'Big girl jobs' hahahahaha.

I always loved your characters Oliver and your artwork. I hope to get as good as you one day. 🙂

A month in a half back into drawing, I am almost back to where I used to be. I can't wait to see how much more improvements I'll make in the coming months.

They look great!!! Your drawing style is awesome

Thank you very much 🙂 I'm still practicing, I'll have a check up/ update with my art every month or so. Gotta keep up with the progress!

He looks so cool and awesome! Thanks, Oliver!

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