Hi everyone, found this site through my dear friend Faclan, and my older brother has aaaaaaaallllllllll the books and read quite a few of them to me when I was little, and I read a couple more on my own when older, so I am decently endowed with Redwall knowledge, yay! 😄

Been RPing for almost a decade now(still a year or two off from that point), mostly Halo, Lotr, a smidge of Yautja and Elder Scrolls themed things too.

Been awhile since I made an introduction thread, so… hi peoples! 😉

Welcome man 😄

Good to see you around here to as well as the other forums and cant wait to see your totally not tower mound of murder of a character ^.^

Yay, the Elder Scrolls! You're all right in my book, new friend!

Hello!! Always nice to see new faces around here!


Thanks everyone, I'm glad to be here!  😉

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