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Name: Mordecai Elihaj  Eshkol

Age: 22

Date of birth: N/A

Place of birth: N/A

Family: N/A

Species: Field Mouse

Appearance: A rather a average built  and have a slight silver tint on tan fur.  He has Green eyes and is about 5'10

Scars: Due to prior incident at [ACCESS RESTRICETED], Operative Eshkol had his right arm from elbow down amputated and is now required to use a custom design prosthetic arm that allows him to resume use of his right arm with out issue.

Job: Special Operations and Defense Operative.
Role: Combat Operative

Codename: Jester

Personality: A calm and collected individual who specializes in the art of psychological warfare in a combat situation. Also is known for his friendly disposition when off duty or around teammates.


Agent Eshkol hails from [ACCESS RESTRICED] and spent most of his life there. soon after graduating high school, Mordecai enlisted the armed forces as in the special forces. But due to the incident mentioned above, Mordecai was given a Medical Discharge due to the severe wound he sustained from the incident. Soon afterwards he was offed a position within the Cooperation and means to be able to have use of what was left of his right arm. Soon accepting the offer he now current works as a Combat operative doing the job he was denied from doing due to his injury. [ADDITIONAL INFO UNAVALIABLE]

Possible Strengths:

-Well taught in art of psychological warfare

-Special Forces trained

-Remains calm in tense situations

Known Weakness:

-Injuries on right arm requires use of artificial limb in order to allow use

-Has been known to second guess himself

-Has a temper at times