((ooc Well, we can always start our own.

((ooc I have one that I am waiting for replies on. I don't currently have any enemies in it.

We can always arrange to start a new thread and come back to this one when rodu is available again if you guys like)))))

#what did you guys have in mind?#

((ooc Not sure. We could do some kind of mystery, or I have one in the Northlands that's open.

Northlands might be kind of difficult for me since my only character is an abbeybeast but I'm down with some kind of mystery.

What kind of characters do we have to work with?)

Well I am back and hopefully I wont be so lazy to not check this. But the good news for me is that I have just got a acceptance letter to college.

Rodu! Yaaaaaay your back!
Yaaaaaay for college! Congratitude to you :3

(Yep and  now I just have to survive my final year of high school and BOOM so what I missed?)

((ooc Nothing super important. I got back, and I rejoined the story.

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