Now that August is over, we will have a short vote to decide on the Member of the Month. This person will be honored in R-LEZ E-zine and will be interviewed.

Nominations will be given by the community. He who has the most nominations is the Member of the Month.
Nomination may be turned down by those who have been nominated.
You CANNOT vote for yourself.
You cannot be member of the month two months in a row.

I would like to nominate Seth as Member of the Month.

I would like to nominate Seth as Member of the Month.

That's two for you Seth!

We're going to change things slightly here.
Nominate 1 First place, 1 Second Place and 2 Third Place.

So mine would be,

1. Seth
2. Cyber
3. … This one is a toughy... Jetfang... and... Orion Fulcry

Yah. That's my vote. Next!

scatches his head Er, thanks guys… Really... I'm flattered!

1. Snagtooth
2. Adonath
3. Cyber

Honorable Mention: Everybody!

I would like to make the suggestion that the results be point based:

vote 1= 3 points
vote 2= 2 points
vote 3= 1 point

Do you agree with that?


1. Seth
2. Cyber
3. Snagtooth

So that would be:
Seth - 6 points
Cyber - 4 points
Adonath - 2 points
Jetfang - 1 point
Orion Fulcry - 1 point

Good idea. We'll do it that way.

You've actually left me out Jet. 🙂


Seth: 6
Cyber: 5
Snagtooth: 4
Adonath: 2
Jetfan: 1
Orion Fulcry: 1

Looks good so far. We still need more people to vote though.

Seth and Jetfang. You should both vote twice for third place.
I was wondering why we only had 19 points total.
Please vote one more for third.

ohhhh If I could vote me I would….lol
ok I vote Seth then snag then cyber

Please read above TJ. You need to vote 1 1st, 1 2nd, and 2 3rd place winners.
Thank you for voting though.

My top three for this month have to be, in order: Snagtooth, Seth, and Lord Voldemort.

Er… I mean, uh... ^__^;;; Lemme sit back and think whom I'd give third too...

Please remember folks… 2 thirds.
This help keep the third place section easier to vote with.
So please. 2 third place votes.

My 2nd thrid place vote is: TJ, a very active poster.

Okay, recap for my one.

1. Seth
2. Cyber
3. Snagtooth and TJ

Seth: 9
Cyber: 7
Snagtooth: 5
TJ: 3
Adonath: 2
Jetfan: 1
Orion Fulcry: 1

oh I feel special right now…..dances around If  icould vote again I would

Hrm, that's tough…Hrm...Hrm...Okay, hrm...1st: Seth, Oi s'pose. 😉 2nd: Cyber 3rd(s): Jetfang and TJ

Seth: 12
Cyber: 9
Snagtooth: 5
TJ: 4
Adonath: 2
Jetfang: 2
Orion Fulcry: 1

Errmm.. I'm actually eight.
Cyber voted for me as first. That gives me another three to the vote.

Times up!

We now have results in for the MoTM Award.

And the winner is… Seth!
Second is Cyber,
Followed by yours truly.

Thank you for everyone's cooperation.

Cyber, if you could interview the winner now, that would be great. I'm sure that Seth could find you some contact info.

Thanx again everyone!

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