(that would certainly be in his personality to do so :3 Also i will post oocly things in the other thread :D)

(well if you guys don't want to meet up i can introduce Serghei and Dimitri–> http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2498.msg45202#msg45202 )

(i'll wait and see on FOXX's opinion but if he is cool with that then these guys are coming in in full throttle :P)

(Im…not sure XD i think offline stuff swollowed our players)

I'm still eager bring my new alt in this game (as soon as I get his bios done) but is this thread's creator still around? O.O Can this tale continue without him?#

(i guess we are gonna have to…lets just say he was eaten by a flower for now....don't question how just accept it)

(He has been idle a while. But so have I 😛

No one has met him yet icly so…i guess he can make a dramatic enterence down the line somewhere if he comes back.)

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