(Or we could do a time jump.)

I'm fine with a time skip, yeah.

Sorry about my absence – I have been stuck in dilemma what on earth shall I do with my Jarret. U___u'' The problem, you see, is that the member Flitz - who's alt was Jarret's childhood friend - seems to play here no-more so Jarret kinda has lost his important counterpart - the very reason I created the half-breed.

...So I'm planning of pulling Jarret out of this story and figure out how to handle this problem.  So I'd appreciate if Jarret is no longer mentioned by other players in this thread. ^^ I'm still not sure what to do with the character, but if I end up re-making him, it would be easier if there is as little mentions as possible.

But I won't forsake this story! I can still play the cranky Cullis! xD ...Maybe I'll turn him to my OC character in some point... So time-jump is good! #

Safe to say rp is now dead at this point. Such a shame,

What if the people are waiting for the time jump…? O.O

Looks like it…. 😞 I am working on a new post which should be up shortly

Okay this is what we wil do since tj suggested the time jump, she will take the reins of the time jump. And those that remain will resume from there

IT will be in a new topic tho…more focusing on Dominiques past and the vast amount of treasure she has hidden on Roddaring and vermin trying to steal the legendary treasure... 🙂 Should be a good plot!

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