To catch a shadow(OOC welcome to join)

Would anyone like to join this story, question mark

I have this odd feeling that nobody is aware this is open now…

Wait… what is To catch a shadow about????

Basically, Fenrath (a thief) and Serghei (an assassin) performing in their professions and people trying to stop them. I'd like it to get more and more dangerous for us, and anyone else with us, as the story goes on.

Basically and if you want to get slightly deeper you can say that they might start hunting after one another and possibly even a rivalry may develop. (especially what Serghei did to Fenrath :3)

Unfortunately, I don't really want to continue this anymore. It doesn't look like anyone wants to join this and I don't want to do an RP with just one other person. (no offense) I do, however, have an idea for a new thing that I'm certain is going to be very interesting.

cool just pm the idea when you can and moderator you can kill this if you want.

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