(ooc) Settlers of Starlight Valley

The shrews already ran away …..o.o you all valliently slaughtered them o.o

Oh kay then.

This has been a rather…lengthy absence.

I guess I will be blunt and ask, who is still here and up for continuing this story?

i noticed and its driving me crazy

sorry about the long wait before replying to this story. I was waiting for others to post XD.

I'm going to continue on with the story and find a place to wrap it up. We were pretty close to an ending for this scene anyway.

If anyone wanted to continue on in the story  let me know.

just wrap it up if ya want. I am just afraid of this one dying

I think i might go ahead and spoof a time gap. The origional idea was to let everyone take a turn at deciding where the plot goes before and after they reach the valley so if anyone wants to start the idea up again it wont be a problem.

I think whatever works the best should go. but honestly im done with the order. If nobody posts afterawhile ill post.

Ill have a post up eithe rlater tonight or tomarrow.

I took the liberty of posing a time gap XD the end of the story is upon us. So sorry about the wiat on that XD i had no intention of letting the thread idle for so long.

I will wrap up next turn.

And yes XD any npcs are welcome.

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