Found these and thought they might be useful…

Size chart 1 by SomaGames

Size chart 2 by Evalescia

Size chart 3 by Briarwood

Size chart 4 by SaraaLuna

I'm a fan of the first and third chat - seen a few before but good to have them here.

Nice finds Kiara 🙂

I think that the SomaGames Pics are from the Redwall Mod for Warband.

I have number 3 saved to my bookmarks :3 its usually the size i picture characters here. The forth one made badgers and wolverines larger than wolves for…reasons I guess.

Thanks for posting them. ^^

3 is about what I've always pictured.


Size chart 1 by SomaGames

Hi y'all - this is Chris from Soma Games and I'd like to clarify something on this thread.
The size chart noted here was actually something Sean Rubin made…though I don't know the context. We posted that image in very early development as a point of inspiration but we don't own it, nor did it wind up being our "official" size chart.
If you'd like to see that - please check out the our project Facebook page and note that this image has been a work in progress all along and we adjust it from time to time was we answer various questions for the game:

most were close, but i found the mouse/mice to be a little smaller than imagined….

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