Art contest - Facebook cover photo

Art contest!

For the Facebook "cover picture" to go along with our profile picture.

No theme, just try to capture the essence of both Redwall and this forum.
Any medium is allowed.

Dedline will be Oct. 31

emits very high-pitched squeak

looks for drawing pad

Please also remember that the facebook cover photo is more-so landscape rather than portrait as well as what ever is in the bottom left corner will be covered by the profile picture.

Well, I have a picture I drew on my computer, but I don`t know how to make it see able, if you get my drift. Do you have any suggestions?

in the gallery, I added a category: contest art;cat=4

add the contest piece there.

Okay, it`s waiting there now!!!

Only 3 weeks until the deadline !!!

One more week until the Deadline!

If I have some extra time throughout the week I might try for this 🙂

Today is the Deadline! Make sure your submissions are in by the end of the day.
Also, have a happy Halloween  🙂

Voting is up. Only 2 submissions to vote between.

Annnd we have a winner. Congratulations Gerns. You're art piece will be displayed as the facebook cover.

Thanks Kiara! 😉

Though I notice that on Facebook the image has been blurred severely and letterboxed. I've made another version of my submission if you'd prefer to use it, which should meet the height dimensions on the Facebook cover. I'm not sure why that's been blurred, since it didn't seem to need resizing. I hope this version will fix that and look cleaner! 😉

For me to get the full image in there, I had to add some height. I don't have time right now to put this one on, as I am getting ready to leave for the day. When I get back this evening evening, it'll be my first priority

EDIT  -  never mind, I did it. Fits perfectly!

Gerns, did you draw that background?

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