Don't worry I am not scared off very easily.  😉

I have one or two old alts that I would like to use here and there is always room for new ones. I  have an insane squirrel that I would like to use, and a pare of twin mice which I would like to adapt for this sight. Is there a limit to the amount of alts you can have?

no limit, as long as you can keep track of them and which RP threads they are in.

Woo! Insane alts are fun. I am tempted to bring an insane inventor here from the Redwall Muck. Cause crazy cat crazyness is fun ^^

Never to late to be nice. In fact We already know each other from the VI. haven't been there in a few days…  😛 I will PM you my username there. (No offence every one else Just don't want just anyone on the internet reading it.)

@ Coolcoyote: Yup she is really fun to play.  😉 Can't wait to get her going here.

Hello, hello! 🙂

I'm Seri, your friendly neighborhood chatterbox.


your friendly neighborhood chatterbox.


Welcome to RL.

Yes, my friend, that is the truth. I like to give people fair warning before they engage me in conversation. 😄

Just so long as you are friendly I don't mind. In fact I have been know to talk to much in real life as well as online but not as much… Also I must warn you that if I am caffeinated I tended to make really long and rambling posts. Be for warned. I try to avoid it when I can.  😉

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