Usually for spring cleaning, though I admit, because of the down time we didn't get a chance to do much of the spring cleaning.

New question! What are Kudos and what do they do?

I think they are just points for an exceptional post. If you look at the top of every post, there is a text line that says "Give Kudos". If you click on it, it will award the writer of the post a Kudos, and mark you as having given one.

Can you do anything with them?

I don't know - as far as I know, it's just a way of marking really good posts. But I could very well be mistaken.

Oh, Gerns!! Tis you I'm thinking we need down here…

As far as I'm aware, the Kudos system allows members to let the author of the post know that their work was appreciated in some way. It's like encouraging someone by giving them a thumbs up. They don't do anything beyond telling you that someone read your work and liked what you wrote. 🙂

M'kay, that's what I thought… Thanks! 🙂

If you give kudos, do you give them your kudos?

No. it's not a give and take system.
As long as the giver doesn't withdraw their kudos, then you'll always have their kudo that they gave.

It's just as Gerns said. It's like a "thumbs up" to let the writer know that their post was 'awesome' in some way to the reader and the reader can tell them that "Hey, I loved you're post in the way it was written" through the kudos system. The writer is also encouraged to keep up with that level of writing.

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