[ADMIN] Is your profile current?

Hey guys! TJ here, you friendly Admin.

So it has come up of what to do when the site goes down, as most of you know, most of you guys were left in the dark since us admins don't have access to your profile info to send you a message since it through the site. It order to fix this problem for the future you guys need to have your profile info current.

So what you should update if it isn't current is your email address and skype. One that you check often. I need you to make sure its all up to date. I"m gonna say it againโ€ฆ Email must be current and if you have a skype, add it.

I"m thinking skype would be good, so we can chat if the site is down and we can have group chats and make sure everyone is informed.

I'm putting in all members information in a spreadsheet, and I won't share your info with anyone.

On a side note, if you haven't already, like the facebook page, link is on top of the page. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much!! Pass the word along also. ๐Ÿ™‚


My profile is up to date.ย  On a side note the title should probably be [ADMIN] Is your profile current?

I should also note, that even if you do not have facebook, you can still access the facebook page and see updates that we post on it.

So if you do not have facebook, click the link below and save it to your favorites so that you can always check in if the site ever does go down.

Still updating our member list!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a reminder, please update your profile so I can add it into the database

I know you got my email address you emailed me once. but if you want my skype let me know I wouldn't mind voice chats and stuff

My profile is current, all up to date.

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